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  • Mon, 12:50: RT @lolitsmary: Whenever girls say they can't wear something I get so sad & wanna hold their hand and tell them that don't ever let your se…
  • Mon, 12:50: RT @WerewolfNews: FWIW I’m not a furry, but when I want art of monstrous human-wolf people, I know which community can generally deliver
  • Mon, 13:00: This has been a heck of a week off. Not as much editing as I wanted and no writing thus far. I do get to see my brother tomorrow at least.
  • Mon, 13:43: Saw this and got super excited. Pulled it out and yeah... Thanks @Peche_Eh ...
  • Mon, 18:10: Ugh. Lower back is in spasming pain. Walking like an old man now. #oldmanTarl


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